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Hi. I'm Laura. I'm eighteen and live in Paris. My biggest passion is music, especially cello and singing. I also really like to write and draw in my spare time. On a more serious note, I was bulimic, now AN-binge purge subtype, and suffer from PTSD...but I'm doing my best to turn that chapter in my life :), and this blog is here to tell that story. This blog is not intended to be triggering, I apologise if you find it so.If you believe that you or someone you know may be suffering from an eating disorder, please check out these sites: NEDA (USA):; b-eat (UK): Something Fishy: http://www.something-fishy.orgAlternatively, if you just want to talk, my Ask box is open... I am here for every single one of you. Xo

IG : journey2recovered

Dinner out in Bordeaux 🍷🍴

Ate all of this as well as teo slices of baguette AND two glasses of wine (because when in a Bordeaux…😉)

Aperitif: amuse-bouche of ceviche
Starter: rockmelon & tortoise carpaccio (there was so much olive oil on this OMG…😣)
Main: grilled cod with chorizo & Caesar salad with a spicy creamy tomato sauce… This was very rich and a little salty for my taste… But at least the portion wasn’t huge
Dessert: fresh berries with artisanal vanilla ice cream 🍧

Now off to have a walk around and then find a coffee 😉

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